Professional Training

I have extensive experience working with PTSD/dissociation and other trauma related conditions, as well as depression, anxiety, stress, grief/loss, relationship issues and life transitions. I have training in ego-state therapy, hypnosis, dissociative processes, complex PTSD, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Hakomi Psychotherapy.

Over the years, I have received advanced training in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and use it, in collaboration with my clients, when appropriate.  It is a powerful modality that processes traumatic experiences to full and complete resolution. In more recent years, I have focused on using EMDR to help resolve early developmental, attachment wounding. Sometimes, clients have no specific traumatic memory, but are experiencing painful relationship patterns, having troubling body sensations or struggling with negative core beliefs. I am able to work in a way that identifies the roots of these problems, and then use EMDR to process the material to completion. It is very rewarding to help clients move beyond limiting beliefs and problematic symptoms.

I have also served as an adjunctive therapist for clients whose primary therapist does not use EMDR, but who sees the value in using EMDR to process material that appears ‘stuck’. If therapists and their clients have been working on the same issues for a period of time and there is little to no movement or change, they may want to consider incorporating EMDR. In those cases, I collaborate with the therapist to help create a comprehensive treatment approach, in which I provide the EMDR work, while the client continues receiving support from the primary therapist. I welcome inquiries by clients and therapists who may want to work with me in this way. For more information about my work as an adjunctive therapist, please refer to my chapters in Laurel Parnell’s Book, Attachment-Focused EMDR: Healing Relational Trauma.

In addition to providing psychotherapy, I have experience providing psycho-educational classes and presentations on a wide variety of topics.  During my time as a Military and Family Life Counselor, I gave presentations to Wing and Garrison Commanders, FRG/Key Spouse Groups, Newcomers, Senior NCO’s attending Professional Enhancement Seminars, Care Teams, deploying/returning Military members and their families. Training topics range from stress management, grief/loss, maintaining healthy marriages during deployment, relationship skills for singles, anger management, communication, parent/child communication, and reintegration/reunion.

Over the years, I have provided trainings in Somona County to MFT interns and the psychiatric department at Kaiser on topics relating to working with trauma, dissociation, DID, and PTSD.

I love teaching and am available to provide presentations to groups and corporations.  Please contact me to inquire further.