Depression takes the wind out of your sails.  It affects everything.   It leaves you feeling sad, withdrawn, isolated, fatigued, paralyzed, uninterested in activities and unable to see a future that is more hopeful.    It can build gradually over time or it can come on acutely.

  • Sometimes it can be traced to a chemical imbalance
  • Sometimes it can be linked to a situation otherwise known as ‘situational depression’ (job loss, homelessness)
  • Sometimes seasonal changes can affect people’s mood and bring on the ‘winter blues’
  • Sometimes it is like a low-grade fever that has been in the background for years
  • Sometimes it can be a reaction to drugs and alcohol
  • Sometimes it can be linked to hormonal changes (menopause)
  • Sometimes it can be brought on by stress, trauma or loss

Whatever the cause, I can help. Oftentimes, therapy is enough to help move through the feelings of hopelessness, sadness and isolation that accompany depression. Sometimes, extra help may be needed and, if so,  I can refer you to someone to evaluate you for medication, even for a short time. With the right kind of support, most people find relief from their depression and emerge feeling more hopeful about life and what the future holds.

If your depression is currently leading you toward thoughts of hurting yourself, please reach out immediately to Suicide Prevention 24 Hour Hotline (North Bay) 1-855-587-6373 / Suicide Prevention & Crisis Intervention 1-800-764-8181.

If you are struggling with depression or want to talk about it, please contact Holly Prichard, MFT at 707-591-5065 for a free consultation.