Welcome To Sonoma County Trauma Therapy

I am so glad you are here. If you have found your way to this page, it may mean you are looking for a beacon of hope. Perhaps a small glimmer that lets you know you are not alone, that someone cares.

  • Hope that there is someone who wants to listen to you
  • Hope that there is someone who will work to understand you
  • Hope that there is someone who will help you face your pain and help you carry your burdens, and when you are ready…
  • Hope that there is someone who is trained to know how to help you release and transform your burdens so you don’t have to carry them anymore

You may ask, “Is that really possible?” My answer to you is a resounding YESHope is Here. Healing is Possible!

All of us carry burdens and pain. Reaching out can be hard because we live in a culture that values independence and  ‘pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps.’ We get messages to ‘tough it out’ and just ‘get over it.’  The ‘it’ being whatever is bothering us.

But, we are social beings. We need each other. And, many of us are hurting. We were not meant to suffer through and figure things out on our own. Many people live with a silent pain or a hidden shame because they don’t know where to turn. It feels unacceptable to admit to being anything less than perfect.  But, perfection is a myth. And, the longer we turn away from the hurt and vulnerable places within, the longer we will continue to suffer.

My passion is in helping you address the painful places and assisting you in transforming the pain and the blocks that are in your way of living the life you were meant to live.

I have created this website to help you learn more about me and how I can support you. If you have further questions or if you don’t find the answer to your questions, please contact me directly so that I can provide more personalized information or resources for your particular circumstances.

If you are interested in working with me, I’m happy to offer a free consultation to determine if we are a good fit.

My desire is to help you live the best life possible!

 Healing is Possible

People seek assistance for a variety of reasons

Whatever your issue or concern, please know that help is available. Learn more about Holly Prichard, MFT.